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Is CBD legal?


Is CBD legal?

18 Aug 2022 | 3:04 PM

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, derived from hemp is legal under federal law in all 50 states, thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill. Regarding legality, people usually worry about its relationship with marijuana and any potential similarities with severe implications. However, though industrial hemp (from which CBD is derived) and marijuana are both obtained from the cannabis sativa plant, they are not the same thing. Legally speaking, ndustrial hemp is defined as the cannabis plant with less thab 0.3 % of THC content. THC is the compound that causes the psychedelic effect in marijuana. Perhaps, the most popularly evoked aspect of cannabis in our workd today. 

Nevertheless, it is still up to individual states to decide on what particular products are allowed or inhibited. There are also stipulations about general or medical use that differe by state. In general states allow legalized CBD products approved by the FDA. But there is some variation. 

Here are some highlights from across the country: 

Texas: Use of CBD is legal as long as it remains below the 0.3% THC level threshold. But for medical usage, THC levels can be as high as 0.5%. 

Utah: It is legal to use CBD oil with less than 0.3% THC content. CBD edibles are illegal, except gelatin cubes.

Wisconsin: The situation in Wisconsin remains rather transluscent.  While possession is considered a misdemeanor and even punishable by actual jail time, the state Attorney-General has advised law enforcement not to enforce the law. It will be prudent to obtain a physician's certificate or other advisory if you intend to use CBD in this state. 

North Carolina: Illegal to grow hemp in general. For medical use, hemp cannot contain more than 0.9% THC. 

Illinois: FDA-approved CBD products with THC level below 0.3% are legal. 

Pennsylvania: FDA-approved CBD products with THC level below 0.3% are legal. 

New York: FDA-approved CBD products with THC level below 0.3% are legal. 

At Chow420, we automate your compliance in accordance with the laws and guidelines of your state so you don't have to worry about compliance.