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CBD & CBG Hand Sanitizer 100mg

CBD & CBG Hand Sanitizer 100mg

Seller: Hyer Purpose


Concentration: 100 mg

Shipping Charges: $5.00

Hyer Purpose is proud to now offer the ?rst fast-acting CBD Hand Sanitizer Gel with CBG at a 1 to 1 ratio, including Vitamin E and moisturizers in three cannabinoid concentrations.

CBD CBG Hand Sanitizer comes with 50mg CBD and 50mg CBG!

This is not your average hand sanitizer! Experience the antiseptic benefits of CBG and the healing properties of CBD and CBG for your skin (cannabinoids have been shown to exhibit antibacterial and anti fungal properties). Cannabinoids are not intended to cure any disease, but it has been reported to help with skin issues like dry skin, rashes, eczema and other ailments. CBD at this concentration can also help with light joint pains. 70% ethanol accomplishes every aspect of sanitizing on top of that.

Comes in a nice 2 ounce pump container.

  Hyer Purpose CBD and CBG Hand Sanitizer is unique. It contains a specially formulated blend of compounds that can not only help with keeping your hands clean, but may also help some other skin ailments. We recommend that users take 1-2 pumps of the CBG CBD Hand Sanitizer when desired and spread it around your hands. We recommend that the joints of the knuckles and other areas are covered, to try to reap the full benefits of the 100mg of cannabinoids that are in the bottle. The key components in our formula are: Ethanol (for cleanliness, at a level >70%), Vitamin E (for healthful skin), and CBD and CBG (while cleaning, we can benefit from the skin relief properties of CBG and CBD and also their special antiseptic properties).

We 3rd party test all of our ethanol formula sanitizer to ensure the purity and potency before and after the hand sanitizer product is manufactured. In order to produce the best hand sanitizer we use only the highest quality ingredients. Our sanitizer gel formulations are similar to Purell hand sanitizer and Germ X hand sanitizer. Many DIY hand sanitizer (do-it-yourself) formulas lack the quality and consistency of a gel based sanitizer and are not recommended for medical professionals.

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