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SpectraHemp Full Spectrum Oil

SpectraHemp Full Spectrum Oil

Concentration: 750mg

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1 oz / 30ml bottle of CBD formulated to 750mg is mixed with MCT (fractionated coconut oil) for convenient carry along dropper use.  This product has less than 0.3thc and will not give you any sort of high because of the ultra low level of thc.  This Full Spectrum oil will give you the full entourage effect which provides many benefits over Isolate derived products.  It has 30 Servings of 1ml per bottle which gives you 25mg per dose potency and just double your dose of one dropper full to two dropper full for a 50mg dose when ever you need to address a more moderate symptom.

We recommend 25mg Mild symptom,  50mg Moderate symptom and 75-100mg for severe symptoms.

This super effective Full Spectrum tincture (drops) comes in 4 flavors:  Grape, Banana Cream, Peppermint and Unflavored!

*Some variations have display boxes and some do not, 750mg Banana and Grape are boxed, Unflavored and Peppermint are not.

**Note, bulk orders require adjusted shipping costs**

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