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Not Pot Original CBD Gummies (20mg per gummy) 600mg
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Not Pot Original CBD Gummies (20mg per gummy) 600mg

Not Pot

4-9 4.9 (18)


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Concentration: 600MG

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Genetics and Effects
CBD 2.36%


Known as an antibacterial, Inhibits Cancer cell growth, is Neuroprotective, promotes bone growth, reduces seizures and convulsions, reduces blood sugar levels, reduces function in the immune system, reduces the risk of artery blockage, reduces small intestine contractions, red See more

Other Information
Original — We’ve partnered with top scientists to innovate the world’s chillest CBD gummy: No weird dyes or artificial tongue twisters allowed. Vegan, clinical strength, and tastes like fresh strawberries. Each gummy (30 per jar!) contains 20 mg of sustainably sourced, hemp-derived CBD tha See more
No artificial flavors, no sugar alcohols, and no questionable ingredients (ahem, we’re looking at you Red Dye 40) because no thanks. Tapioca Syrup, Cane Sugar, Water, Pectin, Natural Flavors, Malic Acid, Sodium Citrate, Titanium Dioxide, Citric Acid
Take 1-2 gummies daily as needed.
20MG per gummy
Information on how to read lab test results

The first thing you look for in a test result is the cannabinoid profile. The cannabinoids you expect to find depend on the type of CBD product you are looking at.

A full-spectrum product should have CBD, THC, and some of the lesser-known cannabinoids. If the product's label says th See more

Which CBD gummies product is right for me?

The best way to determine what product is right for you is by reading and analyzing customer reviews and product lab results.

Are CBD gummies as effective as other CBD products?

Yes, gummies are very effective.

How does edible CBD work?

CBD edibles are consumed through the mouth based on the requirements of the CBD  brand or manufacturer

Are CBD gummies organic?

Some gummies are organic and some are not organic. Customers are urged to read the product description to determine if gummies are organic or not. 

Are CBD gummies gluten free?

Some gummies are gluten-free and some are not. Customers are urged to read description and labels to determine if gummies are gluten-free or not

Are CBD gummies legal?

At Chow, we automate your shopping experience, so you only have access to the products that are legal in your state

Do CBD gummies contain THC?

Isolate and broad-spectrum gummies do not contain THC. However, full spectrum gummies contain low amounts of THC (maximum of 0.3%)

What are the benefits of CBD Gummies?

The benefits of CBD gummies are determined by customer experience and reviews. Based on customer experience and reviews, benefits range between clarity, calm, focus, sleep, and pain relief

How many CBD gummies should I eat?

This is based on the instructions provided by the CBD brand or manufacturer. We urge all customers to read the labels and instructions of all products they buy

What are CBD gummies?

Gummies are a form of CBD edibles that are consumed in a fun way.

Bioavailability of CBD Gummies

Edible treats such as gummies and baked goods are a popular way to consume CBD. In multiple studies, the most optimistic rate of bioavailability when choosing this option was about 20%. That means if someone eats a 50-milligram CBD gummy, they would likely be absorbing only about 10 milligrams—20% of the total dosage

Different Formulations For Your Many Lifestyle Needs

The one distinct difference that customers notice is that CBD gummies can be vegan or contain gelatin. For Vegans, please choose Vegan CBD gummies without gelatin.

CBD Gummy Flavors & Sizes

Gummies come in different shapes, sizes, flavors, and milligrams. An example of some flavors include watermelon bites, gummy worms, gummy bears, rings, poppers, and more.

Choosing The Right CBD Gummies Dosage

Choosing the right CBD gummies is dependent on many factors. Some gummies are vegan and some gummies are not. Customers are urged to read reviews from other customers to determine the right CBD gummies for themselves.

4-9 18 Ratings
4.9 out of 5 Stars
Reported effects from customers
General Wellness
Verified Buyer
LOVE these! Glad Not Pot is on Chow.
Not Pot is the first CBD brand that I ever heard of, so I'm glad they've made their way to Chow420, See more
This helped with my:
Verified Buyer
Stay Asleep!
I’ve had trouble staying asleep for as long as I can remember and this is the first thing I’ve t See more
This helped with my:
Verified Buyer
It only takes a few minutes
I thought I’d give these a try to help me fall asleep faster and ease my mind. They have definitel See more
This helped with my:
Verified Buyer
They help with anxiety!
These gummies are really helping me out this school semester. If you get overwhelmed with workload o See more
This helped with my:
Verified Buyer
A must have
I love these gummies!! I have never tried CBD before and these were perfect! I take them every night See more
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Misrepresentation of product content at the expense of consumer safety. 

“Over 70% of top-selling hemp CBD products in the market tested positive for heavy metals, pesticides, mold and other dangerous impurities”

- Investigative report from Ellipse Analytics



Our blockchain verification protocols determine the accuracy of a product’s lab test results by comparing them against the databases of testing labs. Our system flags discrepancies, and delists defaulting products, thereby empowering our customers to shop for CBD with confidence.