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Irie Stixx 250mg Vape Pen Pineapple

Irie Stixx 250mg Vape Pen Pineapple

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Concentration: 250 mg

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Julian Marley Juju Royal CBD Irie Stixx are made from Colorado Department of Agriculture certified hemp and enhanced with organic steam-distilled terpenes. Pesticide-free cultivation practices and advanced CO2 extraction methods ensure Juju Royal CBD is one of the cleanest and most relaxing experiences available. DIRECTIONS Draw activated. Put pen to mouth and gently inhale for 3-5 seconds. INGREDIENTS CBD oil, natural terpenes, < 3% mct oil TERPENE PROFILE BETA CARYOPHYLLENE 30% MYRCENE 23% LIMONENE 18% HUMULENE 15% ALPHA PINENE 7% BETA PINENE 5% LIMONENE 4%