Buy Certified CBDfx Full Spectrum CBD (+THC) Gummies + CBD Magic Melon Sativa 600mg, 10mg THC, 30mg CBD (1:3)
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High Quality CBDfx Full Spectrum CBD (+THC) Gummies + CBD Magic Melon Sativa 600mg, 10mg THC, 30mg CBD (1:3) for sale

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CBDfx Full Spectrum CBD (+THC) Gummies + CBD Magic Melon Sativa 600mg, 10mg THC, 30mg CBD (1:3)
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Certification Date : 2022-08-02 13:44:22
Expiry Date : 2023-05-23
Purity & Safety Test: PASSED
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Full Spectrum

CBDfx Full Spectrum CBD (+THC) Gummies + CBD Magic Melon Sativa 600mg, 10mg THC, 30mg CBD (1:3)


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Concentration: 600MG

Amount Per Serving: 10mg D9 THC per gummy, 30mg CBD per gummy

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05 Dec 2022 to 01 Jan 2023
Genetics and Effects
CBD 7.93 mg/g | 0.793%

The core of Chow420

CBD is a multi-faceted compound known for its anti-inflamatory, sleep health, neuroprotective and antimicrobial properties. Research on CBD is plentiful and hints towards even more gains from CBD consumption.

Everything Chow420 does is for See more

DELTA-9 THC 2.26 mg/g | 0.226%

The Fundamental Psychoactive Component

Delta-9 THC is what causes the eurphoric high experienced and widely associated with cannabis consumption. THC also interacts with receptors in the brain to affect sleep health and pain management positively.

Chow420 alwa See more

DELTA 8 THC 1.17 mg/g | 0.117%

Delta-8 THC is structurally different from Delta-9 THC and is also less potent. However, it is capable of delivering a euphoric high of its own. Delta-8 THC can also serve purposes in stress relief and focus improvement. By action with specific receptors, it resembles the functioning of Delta-9 T See more

CBDV 0.23 mg/g | 0.023%


CBDV is a non-psychoactive compound. It has been shown to have anticonvulsant utility and an impact on muscle function.

Chow420 provides a way to take CBDV in a wholesome manner. Infused with natural flavors and plant-based ingredients, we have a selection of oi See more

CBN 0.02 mg/g | 0.002%


Known for relieving pain, antibacterial, appetite booster, and a sedative. CBN is a breakdown product of THC. This is why older flower products will tend to have more CBN, especially when not properly stored. With time and exposure to oxygen, THC gradually breaks down in See more


Hemp-derived sativa contains low doses of CBD, and higher doses of THC.  In most cases, Sativa gives a "mind-high" or an energizing, anxiety-reducing effect. The effects given by Sativa-dominant strains are an increase in productivity, focus, and creativity. It's advisable to u See more

Other Information
With double the THC (10mg) of our other delta-9 gummies per serving, our High Potency Magic Melon Sativa THC Gummies are formulated to give you a deeper (but still legal) cannabis experience. These delicious delta-9 THC chews also give you the calming wellness benefits of full spectrum CBD oil. Elic See more
Hemp Extract Organic, tapioca syrup,Organic cane sugar,Purified water,Pectin,Tri sodium citrate,Citric acid,Natural flavor and color
One gummy per serving. Simply eat and enjoy! Please note, however, that if you’re new to delta-9 THC, you should consider trying half a gummy for your first serving to see how it affects you. Remember that edibles can take 30 minutes to two hours to kick in, depending on personal bioavailability f See more
10mg D9 THC per gummy, 30mg CBD per gummy
Information on how to read lab test results

The first thing you look for in a test result is the cannabinoid profile. The cannabinoids you expect to find depend on the type of CBD product you are looking at.

A full-spectrum product should have CBD, THC, and some of the lesser-known cannabinoids. If the product's label says th See more

What is the benefit of a Sativa strain CBD gummy like CBDfx Magic Melon ? 

Sativa strain iis known to provide an energetic mental effect that greatly enhances mood and boosts mental energy. It is good for daytime use and carries invigorating properties useful for pain relief and anxiety. 

What can I gain from CBDfx Magic Melon Sativa CBD gummies ? 

These sativa strain CBD gummies combine the properties of CBD, delta-9 THC, CBN and other cannabinoids to deliver relief in mood, sleep and stress. They also provide anti-inflammatory benefits. They can be taken for boosts in mental state, mitigating insomnia and relieving pain. 

Can CBDfx Magic Melon CBD+THC gummies get me high ?                   


CBDfx Magic Melon gummies will not get you high. Delta-9 THC content of this porduct is below 0.3% and only provides a soothing impact to the calming CBD effects of the gummies. 

Can CBDfx Magic Melon Sativa gummies cause me to fail a drug test ? 

Nirnally, no. Drug tests are supposed to detect delta-9 THC. This product contains THC below the federal limit of 0.3%, therefore it should trigger no positives. However, if a person has been taking the products for a long time and has some cumulatively built residual THC in their system, it could trigger an unfavorable result on a drug test. 

How long does it take CBDfx Magic Melon Sativa gummies to work ?

After taking some CBDfx Magic Melon gummies, it should be about half an hour before the effects kick in. They can last for hours afterwards. 

Do CBDfx Magic Melon Sativa gummies have certified lab reports ? 

Yes. Like all listed CBD products on Chow420, CBDfx Magic Melon Sativa gummies come equipped with detailed lab reports that cover cannabinoid content and other information on contaminants such as heavy metals and chemicals. 

How many CBDfx Magic Melon Sativa gummies can I take in a day ? 

Because you will be getting 10mg per gummy, it is advisable to not exceed 3 in one sitting. You want to see the effect of the gummies on your body before doubling down on a higher dose. 

Reported effects from customers
Pain Relief
Verified Buyer
Subject: They help me sleep..
Summary: I gotta say that these gummies almost taste too good-- keeps you reaching for another and believe me See more
This helped with my:
Verified Buyer
Subject: Very convenient.
Summary: I personally like the melon flavor better than the berry and the fact that these are 10mg each is re See more
Verified Buyer
Subject: Lovely blissfulness!
Summary: I suppose one of these takes the edge off a little, for me, but I like two. Two makes me completely See more
This helped with my:
Verified Buyer
Subject: Helps my anxiety and depression
Summary: Thank you ! It really helps my Anxiety and Depression.
This helped with my:
Verified Buyer
Subject: I don't snore when I use these.
Summary: These gummies pack a punch and taste great! My wife says I don't snore when I use these. Time also s See more
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Here's why you should buy your CBD gummies from Chow420

With our 'Know what you buy' Chow420 certified program, all CBD gummies on Chow420 are correctly labeled, lab-tested, and safe for use.



Misrepresentation of product content at the expense of consumer safety. 

“Over 70% of top-selling hemp CBD products in the market tested positive for heavy metals, pesticides, mold and other dangerous impurities”

- Investigative report from Ellipse Analytics



Our blockchain verification protocols determine the accuracy of a product’s lab test results by comparing them against the databases of testing labs. Our system flags discrepancies, and delists defaulting products, thereby empowering our customers to shop for CBD with confidence.