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Who Are We 

Chow is a one-stop destination for all hemp-derived products and applications. Our platform is dedicated to the infusion of transparency across the entire hemp supply chain. Our scope spans the full chain from hemp crop cultivation to the sale of consumer CBD products.


Our Values

Our Mission: Provide the hemp sector with a tech-enabled, sustainable and legally compliant approach to the comprehensive utilization of the hemp plant. Our goal is to maximize value within diverse hemp production chains through tech-powered compliance, transparency and transactions-processing. 

Chow is a sustainability-first company that operates with a specific set of rules. As a hemp company we gauge our performance and market strategy with what we call a Five-Impact View. 

To us, a hemp company is only as good as its impact on: Climate Change Improvement, Socioeconomic Growth, Standards Enforcement & Compliance, Consumer Wellness, Nutrition & Safety, Hemp Industry Growth.


What We Do

The platform operates as an information exchange, product display, marketing and eCommerce station. What differentiates us from other service providers is the added layer of security and transparency provided by our blockchain and artificial intelligence features. 

Chow is the only platform that gives consumers, wholesalers, transporters, manufacturers and farmers access to useful information regarding product content, production methods, brand location and legal compliance details. 

Against the background of opacity that plagues the hemp market, we furnish the hemp market with all the information needed to enhance accurate compliance among its various actors. 


Why Is This Needed? 

Liberal compliance enforcement and weak transparency breeds a low-trust environment that is deleterious to the growth of the hemp market. Also, hemp is an important input in various other industries such as textiles, automotive manufacturing, nutraceuticals, furniture production, paper and construction. 

Furthermore. Hemp constitutes a major asset for a variety of carbon offset schemes. The plant has exceptional carbon capture capabilities. Therefore, it is important that hemp-industry growth is not stifled by unsustainable and non-compliant practices. 


End Vision

Our company’s ultimate aim in the hemp market is to promote the requisite trust and assurance needed for successfully compliant transactions. 

Our purpose is to encourage an ecosystem that allows for a diverse range of hemp supply chain operations and the fulfillment of our Five-Impact View for a better world. 

Over 70% of hemp products are contaminated, mislabeled and adulterated

At Chow420, we enforce compliance, transparency, traceability, and trust in the hemp market with blockchain & A.I

With the contamination problem in the market, we use blockchain to enforce product testing.
We use artificial intelligence to automate consumer & retailer compliance with state laws online.
We use artificial intelligence to break down product ingredients & cannabinoids for transparency.
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Why Chow420?
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