About Us

Chow is a social CBD ecosystem that fosters frictionless interactions and transactions for the CBD community. Chow is not a CBD company, the main goal of Chow is to connect CBD retailers/dispensaries with CBD customers seamlessly.

Built for the community


For Buyers/Customers:

In an over-saturated CBD industry, quality brands are being drowned out, and consumers are ill-equipped to make educated judgments on finding the best products in the market. At Chow, we ensure that brands and dispensaries are transparent with the content of their products (Public Display of Certificate of Analysis).

We also foster a social environment for detailed reviews, forum topics, and Q&A's between customers and dispensaries/brands.


For Dispensaries and Brands:

We understand the issues brands and retailers face every day in the CBD industry.  

This is why we built Chow. Chow is the one place that solves all the problems CBD businesses face online.

At Chow, there are no restrictions for verified sellers, and we age-verify all your customers, so you can scale and stay compliant with state laws and regulations.

You are in total control of your store on Chow420. Your store your rules! However, illegal products or products above 0.3% in THC concentrations should NOT be sold on Chow.