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About Us

About Us

Chow420 is the #1 CBD Market that ensures transparency and compliance for CBD consumers.

Connecting consumers with easily-accessible, high-quality cannabis products they can trust

In an over-saturated CBD industry, quality brands are being drowned out, and consumers are ill-equipped to make educated judgments on finding the best products in the market.

New brands are struggling to find a foothold in the dense landscape, and established brands fail to get in front of the right customer. 

Synchronizing automated physical retail with online retail for the CBD market

We test and vet over 200 plus brands to maintain high quality,  so consumers get the best products when they shop at Chow.

Our automated dispensaries and online marketplace are accessible 24 hours a day for the convenience of our customers.

With Chow, customers can shop, learn, and review the CBD products they love. For us, the future is not total domination of e-commerce; rather, it is the complete digitization of all retail.