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Pain Relief

Pain relief assistance with Chow420 is possible with our catalogue of functional and effective CBD products. Our platform feature products with a potent combination of cannabinoids and the most effective terpenes. At Chow420 we understand how pain can deal a serious blow to one's quality of life. 

Hence, we have ensured that customers can always select from a wide range of brands across various formats to match different preferences. Our product listings provide constitute a robust response to pain and inflammation issues. Walk Stronger with Chow420 today. 

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Studies on CBD have demonstrated proof of action on jaw, nerve and arthritis related pain among others. However, making a choice on exactly what product to purchase can be difficult. One good option for easily and directly soothing inflammation is to apply lotions or other topicals on the body surface. 

On Chow420 we offer top quality topicals and lotions that meet specific creiteria: 3rd party lab test reports, legal compliance with THC content (<0.3 % THC), detailed tests for contaminants (microbial, pesticides & heavy metals) and organic, non-GMO hemp. 

A naturally flavored product, this healing salve combines a natural base of shea butter, mango butter and eucalyptus, alongisde other natural compounds,  with a robust cannabinoid profile (CBG & CBD). Our Endless Feelings Broad Spectrum healing salve provides a cool and convenient option for anti-inflammation.

As a Chow420 brand it is outfitted with independent lab test reports which enforce compliance and infuse transparency into content. 


CBD influences inflammation by modulating mammalian transient receptor potential (TRP) channels. Inflammation is reduced by affecting activity in these endocannabinoid receptors. 

Osteoarthritis: Studies have found CBD to be effective against pain related to this specific joint condition. According to research, CBD blocks the GPR 55 receptor, slowing osteoarthritis by bone reabsorption. 

CBD topicals are suitable for dealing with localized, nerve and arthritic pain. There is no risk of psychotropic effect with topicals. An advantage of topicals is that they can be applied directly to the target area. Topicals include creams, lotions and salves. 

Orally ingesting CBD is more appropriate for individuals looking to deal with pain stemming from autoimmune disorders and systemic inflammatory conditions. Full body pain caused by cancer and neurological conditions can also be met by oral ingestion of CBD. The various formats for this mode of consumption include: oils, edibles, capsules and sprays.