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Haircare is an indispensable aspect of looking good and sometimes, feeling good. At Chow420 we understand the lengths we go for our personal grooming. As a result, our team has put together a collection of interesting hemp-based care products for your needs. 

To strengthen your hair and ensure optimal conditions for hair moisture and resilience of your follicles, get yourself our favorite  Cheech and Chong Hemp oil-based Hair wash. This is a versatile product rich in omega-3 and vitamins. It can also be used for body and applied to beardcare.


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Hemp seed oil provides an interesting solution for sustainable haircare. The primary function of hemp oil is to provide strength to hair follicles. This is done by minimizing the combing force of wet hair, reducing follicle permeability to foreign substances and enhancing lubrication. 

This is a very common concern for people faced with the issue of hair loss. The good news is that CBD can indeed facilitate hair regrowth. Research from a 2021 study saw that consistent application of CBD oil yielded convincing hair regrowth results. 

Additionally, CBD function toward factors such as stress and anxiety which contribute to hair loss can serve to improve hair growth and regeneration.

For the scalp: CBD provies a range of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits to our scalps. It can actively help with issues such as psoriasis and eczema. When applied CBD connects with the CB1 and CB2 receptors to reduce inflammation which has a positive effect on eczema and other conditions such as dermatitis. 

Holistically, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action on the scalp makes it healthier and better conditioned to foster hair regrowth and lessen hair loss.