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2022 Jul, 06

Last October, Philadelphia-based CBD retail outfit Chow420 inaugurated a program of CBD vending machines across New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Subsequent months have seen the program expand into Maryland and Virginia. Currently, plans are underway to bring these sleek and compact builds to cities across the entire Northeast. Favorable customer reactions and a strong showing, performance-wise, have led Chow420 to anchor on the ChowPod offering as a real channel for CBD retailing. So, where did all this start from ? And why a ChowPod ? 


 CBD retail is the driving force of the market segment. The emergence of myriad brands and products has been to achieve one thing; increased sales of CBD products. Since the opening of the market in 2018, physical retail has occupied a dominant position against other channels like online and delivery services. Like much of shopping, actual contact with the product allows for immediate assessment by the prospective buyer, leading to prompt decision-making on the customer end and better, more immediate conversion rates for prudent brands. In this atmosphere, CBD dispensaries have popped up and have attracted customers with an accessible medium for the purchase of goods and services. However this channel as a viable means of sale has been negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Over the odd two years of the pandemic, over 84% of retail operations were impacted. The conflagration ignited by the pandemic did not spare the CBD sector. The past few months have seen several firms with brick-and-mortar assets shut down or reduce the size of their operations. Accompanying this development is the reduction of CBD retail options and accessibility for the still nascent sector. 



 In the business world, those that can meet seemingly intractable challenges are the ones who not only survive but also define the landscape…Enter the ChowPod solution. 


It is along these lines that Chow420 has decided to broaden its means of selling vetted CBD oils, vapes, flower and other products like topicals of full spectrum, broad spectrum and isolate extracts. Up until late 2021, the company’s primary platform for selling these products was solely on its website. However, following a re-assessment of the needs of the market, its CEO David Obasiolu outlined and implemented a program for the launch of smart vending machines devoted to selling CBD products. 


These machines featuring 55 inch LED display touchscreens, equipped with elevator dispensing systems and capable of holding more than 400 products at any one time have come to occupy a prominent place in the Chow420 retail landscape. In addition to their impressive appearance, ChowPods are also economically captivating. As automated retail stations they eliminate the need for undue manpower expenses. The machines need only to be maintained, serviced and restocked. From central command stations, Chow420 staff are able to monitor and communicate with the machines at all their locations.   


 Customers are able to approach machines for whatever they want. Currently across over 14 locations, ChowPods carry CBD oils, vapes, gummies and tinctures (flower is only by online order). 


 In order to be compliant, the buying process is open only to members who have had their identities checked for age verification. The result is that buyers ultimately become registered members of the Chow420 ecosystem and are rendered eligible to participate in the robust sales and promotions opportunities that are available almost at all times. 


Registered customers are supplied with codes to scan at the machines for personalized login sessions. During this session, the user is able to peruse and purchase any of the listed products available on the machine. The ChowPods carefully dispense the purchased products which are all covered by the Know What You Buy product verification program run by Chow420. 

 Especially popular are the THC-infused CBD gummies by FiveCBD, CBDfx and Chow420’s in-house ‘Cibigo’ brand. The system also allows for live support with the Chow420 Remote Monitoring and Communication (RMC) service. Here, when customers are faced with problems they can get in touch with a chat system that links them with a live service agent who can call them directly, while a control center agent checks the live feed for any nifty and time-saving solutions to the problem at hand. 


 ChowPods have been launched at the following locations: 

1. Chow420 Jersey City - Inside the NewPort Centre Mall, 2nd Floor, beside the Management Office (Opposite Dunkin Donuts)

2. Chow420 Elizabeth, NJ - Inside the Jersey Gardens Mall, 1st Floor, next to True Religion

3. Chow420 Edison, NJ - Inside Menlo Park Mall, 1st Floor, beside Victoria's Secret

4. Chow420 Lawrenceville NJ -  Inside Quakerbridge Mall, 2nd Floor, beside Finish Line

5. Chow420 Vineland, NJ - Inside Cumberland Mall, 1st Floor, In front of Foot Action, beside PINK

6. Chow420 Cherry Hill, NJ - Inside Cherry Hill Mall, In Front of Champs, beside Food Court


Chow420 Pennsylvania locations:

7. Chow420 Langhorne, PA - Inside Oxford Valley Mall, 2nd Floor, Beside H&M

8. Chow420 Willow Grove, PA - Inside Willow Grove Park Mall, 3rd Floor, Beside Footlocker, Macy's

9. Chow420 Plymouth Meeting, PA - Inside Plymouth Meeting Mall, Ground floor, Facing LegoLand

10. Chow420 King Of Prussia, PA - Inside King of Prussia Mall, Ground Floor, beside Rite Aid

11. Chow420 Whitehall, PA (Delivery Only)


Chow420 Maryland locations:

12. Chow420 Hyattsville, MD - Inside the Mall at Prince George's, Ground Floor, Beside Escalator, Target


Chow420 Virginia locations:

13. Chow420 Springfield, VA - Inside Springfield Mall, Ground Floor, Beside Nordstrom Rack, and Springfield Therapeutic Massage

14. Chow420 NewPort News/Virginia Beach- Inside Patrick Henry Mall, In front of the Food Court.


Chow420 New York locations:

15. Chow420 - Lake Grove, NY (Delivery Only)


From this already quickly expanding footprint, Chow420 aims to broaden its presence to more states in the broad Eastern region of the United States, going all the way down to Florida



 The future of CBD vending machines looks bright. As legitimate stores, these units give brands real relevance within geographies where they are located. Hence, assisting marketing efforts in a highly contentious and restrictive advertising space. 

Chow420 is committed to tackling the accessibility problem and as such has gone from talking to acting. The ChowPods exist as a testament of the company’s determination. One that we hope spreads like joy across the industry.

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